Bathroom facilities on the Inca Trail

Bathroom facilities on the Inca Trail

Undoubtedly, the UNPLEASEANT detail of the Inca Trail all tourists agree on is the condition of the bathrooms (toilets) at each camp.

While SERNANP (National Service of Protected Areas) is in charge of maintaining the service, it is insufficient due to the great demand for this trek.

As SERNANP has stated, they maintain the service on a daily basis, but due to the high tourist demand (500  persons per day), having maintenance staff at  each bathroom is quite difficult.

And  for bureaucratic reasons, they cannot arrange or designate staff exclusively . to this service.

Every February of each year, they maintain the Inca Trail network as well as the toilet service, but from July onward, much more discomfort is experienced on going to these bathrooms.

So we ask for your understanding for this shortcoming that is beyond our control.


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