Inca Trail 2014 Reservations

Updated january 10th 2013: The inca trail ticket selling has begun, please ignore the article below.

If you want to book the inca trail please ask us at:


Dear Tourist,

If you’re thinking of booking from March -December 2014 onwards, we will only be accepting PRE-BOOKINGS to be confirmed once the  March – December permits are released and we have been able to purchase these spaces.

Only in these circumstances will we accept any reservations, obviously after payment.

Why Pre-Book?

Authorizations to operate the Inca Trail are valid for a year from March to January.
To operate the following year, you need to pass assessments and follow a procedure which normally begins in the second week of November. The full procedure is completed at the SERNANP (National Service of Protected Areas), an entity of the Peruvian government.

After the assessment, in mid-December the results with the agencies eligible to operate the Inca Trail the following year are communicated. Then, the Regional Direction of Culture (DRC), the entity selling permits for the Inca Trail, asks SERNANP for the database with the authorized agencies, entering it to their database.

Then the DRC makes an official statement with the date or dates for the sale of permits; this year it was as from january 09 th.

Unless the booking system changes and we know about this, we cannot risk confirming a reservation without it being effective.
Because of this our booking policy for the months of March-December 2014 will be as follows:


We will accept all bookings AFTER PAYMENT for the dates scheduled  from March to December 2014. However, we cannot confirm these dates until we know when the permit sale begins and if we were able to buy them; in case we couldn’t book for the date required, we will book for one or more alternative dates that you will have indicated us at the time of making your reservation. At worse, if we cannot book for any of these dates, you will be 100% refunded for the money sent, discounting transfer fee.

Let’s say that you send us USD 250, we will return the same amount only discounting the transfer fee that is normally 10 or 15 dollars, and you will receive a scanned receipt for your compliance.

This is the only condition we have in order to accept 2014 reservations and you must agree before confirming your booking.

If you agree to  this condition, you can book entering the following option.

Any question about this please email us at:

Thank you.

InfoCusco SAC.

Ramiro Ponce
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