Mission & Vision


Our Vision is to be one of the best companies in the city of Cusco and Peru, betting on becoming a leading travel company throughout Peru, expanding our services and offices across different Latin American countries, to later locate in the North American and European sectors through solid partnerships.

Our vision is accompanied by everyday actions. We are aware of the latest events in our city of Cusco that have hit Peruvian companies hard and we were not the exception. All of this has motivated us to continue in this way under the guidance of God, our father.

To increase the social help we currently provide and expand to different places of our country.


The main commitment of InfoCusco is to satisfy the needs of the tourists who have confided in us by purchasing our services.
To provide a pleasant environment in which our passengers can enjoy the services offered.

To participate in our country’s development by paying our taxes as well as by generating jobs and well-being through the services offered by our company and providing you the corresponding benefits required by law.

Sincerely yours.


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