Uros-Amantani-Taquile 2 Days 1 Night

Uros – Amantani – Taquile ( 2 Days  1 Night )

The city of Puno is located in the south east corner of Peru, on the shores of the magnificent Lake Titicaca and only 126km from the frontier with Bolivia.

At 3,827m in altitude, Puno is a rather cold and bleak town surrounded by the desolate altiplano (or high plateau).Puno is, however, a melting pot of Indian cultures including the Aymara from the south and the Quechua from the north. This has earned Puno the title of ‘Folkloric Capital of Peru’ which it lives up to well with its huge number and variety of traditional fiestas, dances and music.
The city, whose full name is San Carlos de Puno, was founded in 1668 following the discovery of nearby silver mines. Prior to this, Puno had been a small stopping off place between the much larger silver mines at Potosi in Bolivia and Lima.

Lake Titicaca is the main attraction that draws people to this part of Peru. This amazing deep blue lake, 195 km in length with an average width of 50 km, is the largest lake in South America and the largest in the world above 2,000m.

DAY 1:

transport by motor boat stopping at the Uros Islands for 30 minute where you can see  how the familys used the totora (Plant that grows in the lake) and they used this for built treir houses  and other mores. before departing to the island of Amantani. There are no hotels on Amantani Islands but on arrival the group is split into smaller groups for overnight stays with local families. It is very beautiful and peaceful, and in many ways less spoiled than Taquile. There are six villages and ruins on both of the island’s peaks, Pacha Tata and Pacha Mama, from which there are excellent views. There are also temples and on the shore there is a throne carved out of stone. The residents make beautiful textiles and sell them quite cheaply at the Artensania Cooperative after this we return  to the house for sleep. The people are Quechua speakers, but understand Spanish. Electricity supply 6-11pm. The tour price  includes accommodation, lunch and evening meal on the first day and breakfast the following morning. Groups typically leave Amantani at 8am in the morning for the 1 hr 45 min boat ride to Taquile where you will visit the main village and ruins.

DAY 2 :

After we have  our breakfast,  we go of Amantani island to Taquile Island   for  one hour aproximately. when we arrived we visited the tow of Taquile are numerous pre-Inca and Inca ruins and Inca terracing. The island is narrow, only about 1 km wide, and 6-7 km long. There is a cooperative shop on the island that sells exceptional woollen goods which are not cheap but of very fine quality.  you will have the opportunity to buy beautiful handmade weavings and collages depicting the life on the islands. The inhabitants on some islands have built small ‘museums’ with stuffed birds inside, or lookout towers to get a better view. For a dollar or so you can usually take a 10 minutes ride on the lake in a traditional reed boat. All in all it makes for an interesting visit since there’s nowhere else quite like it in the world.

Transfer to the Hotel

End of our Services.


A.M. : Transfer hotel to port of Titicaca Lake.
A.M. : Excursion in  Uros Island
P.M. : Lunch  in Amantani Island.
P.M. : Excursion to Templo of Pachatata and Pachamama.

A.M. : Breakfast
A.M. : Transfer Amantani iasland to Taquile.
A.M. : Visit to Taquile island
P.M. : return to Puno.


  • Motor boat
  • transfer  hotel – port – hotel
  • 3 meals  and  1 night   in family house (lunch, dining and breakfast)
  • Professional guide
  • Tickets.

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