Why InfoCusco?

– Because we are a legally established company based in Cusco.

– All our tours are 100% operated by us.

– We have qualified guides ready to assist you before any concerns and who are above all passionate about our history.

– All our bookings are operated exclusively providing quality in all our services, without pooling, or outsourcing to other agencies.

– Our groups are direct passengers; we need at least 2 to 4 passengers to open a group. If no other tourists are added, our group will leave with 2 or 3 passengers, without diminishing the quality of our services.

– Our prices include all the taxes and we pay Treasury / Sunat taxes in advance. (we have no hidden costs)

– Our staff strives every day on doing a better job welcoming all our tourists, as well as providing the best options so they may have an unforgettable journey.

– Our main office is located on a main avenue of downtown Cusco, where we receive all our tourists, within a schedule previously communicated to them so as to assist them with no setbacks.

– We have several phone numbers where you can contact us directly to coordinate place and time of our meeting in Cusco.

– We handle the setbacks and/or problems that may arise between tourist and company and provide the best solutions always for the benefit of both parties.

– We treat our work staff well, especially our Inca Trail porters who have adequate clothing, adequate backpacks to carry equipments, life insurance and mainly, receiving their payment on time without delay. We are against porter exploitation because we recognize the great job they do.

– Our cooks have a lot of experience, recognized by our tourists who have had the good fortune of tasting their seasoning.

– In the same way we can say our guides are prepared and enjoy their work giving their best.

– Our camping equipment is in good condition, renovated before any deterioration that could upset our tourists.

– We make sure that you have the best service from start to finish of your journey.

– Part of the profits obtained during the year goes to realizing social projects, sharing with those who have less.

– We are a group of people who fully believe in God, practicing and spreading His teaching.

We are completely committed to environmental care making use of materials and/or renewable consumables that do not harm our ecosystem.

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